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We Make Things Easy

Having two locations with a team of general dentists and specialists working in both makes it easy for you to get the top-tier dental care you need at Blue Back Dental. To that end, we’ve included a lot of helpful information on this page that should answer some of your basic questions ahead of your first appointment. After you’ve read it, be sure to reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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Your First Visit

You can expect your first appointment to take about 90 minutes. This is longer compared to other dental offices because we are extremely thorough. We will give you a full workup, which will consist of a comprehensive exam, radiographs and photos, and a professional cleaning from a hygienist. Before you leave, your dentist will go over their observations with you and put together a treatment plan that will ensure you accomplish your goals as efficiently as possible.

Patient Forms

Please call our office to set up your visit prior to filling out your forms. Once you schedule your appointment with our office, you can then click this link to create an account with us that will allow you to fill out all of your necessary forms for your upcoming visit!

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Pay Online

You pay for everything else online these days, why not your dental care as well? You can keep track of your balance and make a payment using our simple and secure portal linked below.

Pay Online

Dental Insurance

Blue Back Dental is in-network with multiple popular PPO dental insurance providers, and we’re happy to work with several other plans as well. Just give us a call, and after we’ve gathered your membership information, we’ll be able to perform a complimentary benefits check. This way, you’ll know exactly what is and isn’t covered before you come to see us.

Our Dental Membership Plans

If you don’t have dental insurance, our membership plans offer an easy way to save on your care. We offer plans designed for adults, children, and patients dealing with gum disease. You just pay one flat fee for the year, and then your basic care is fully covered. It costs less than regular insurance but doesn’t include hassles like deductibles, waiting periods, or maximums!

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CareCredit Financing

For patients with involved treatment plans (like those that include dental implants or a smile makeover), CareCredit allows them to break up their costs into small monthly installments with little-to-no interest. You can sign up for a plan right now by clicking on the button below, and you’ll find there are several options, meaning you’ll definitely find one that suits your budget.

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