Teeth Whitening Options at Blue Back Dental


Interested in a brighter, whiter smile? When whitening toothpaste or over-the-counter whitening treatments aren’t getting your teeth as white as you would like, Blue Back Dental offers several convenient and affordable teeth-whitening options.

Blue Black Dental

In-Office Whitening

The in-office teeth whitening offered by Blue Back Dental is the fastest way to get whiter teeth in 1 hour. It requires only a single in-office visit and is simple and minimally sensitive. Our method strengthens tooth enamel and minimizes tooth sensitivity because it contains potassium nitrate and fluoride.

Custom Trays/Take Home Whitening

If you’d rather whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home, Blue Back Dental offers custom bleaching trays that are fabricated to fit your teeth. Once you have the trays, you can select either daytime or nighttime bleaching gel at higher strengths than over the counter whitening. For the best results, at-home bleaching trays should be used for 2 weeks annually. Trays can last for many years and extra bleaching gel can be refilled to touch up whitening annually.

Kör Teeth Whitening

The Kör whitening system offers the most dramatic results without lights or lasers. Kör uses high-potency gels that are designed to offer 6-10 hours of whitening power, as opposed to the 25-35 minutes typically offered by other over the counter systems.
The Kör whitening system comes in three different levels:

  • KöR MAX combines a single in-office whitening visit with 2 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening treatments.
  • KöR ULTRA is best for stubborn cases such as fluorosis and dark geriatric staining, and includes an in-office conditioning visit, 3-4 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening, and a final in-office whitening visit.
  • KöR ULTRA-T is specifically developed to whiten teeth in cases of tetracycline staining, which was once considered untreatable. It includes an in-office conditioning visit, 6-8 weeks of at-home nighttime whitening, and a final in-office whitening.

All whitening treatments requires periodic at-home maintenance for best results.