Scanning Your Mouth for a Mouth Guard, Night Guard, Retainer, or Teeth Whitening


If you’ve ever needed to have mouth impressions taken for a mouth guard, night guard, retainer, or for teeth whitening purposes, you may be familiar with the messy, gooey, bad-tasting substance that dentists used to take models of your teeth and mouth.

That icky, uncomfortable process is now a thing of the past! Blue Back Dental now uses digital scanning to measure your mouth and create a model, all from the comfort of our own practice.

Blue Black Dental

How Digital Mouth Scanning Works

Everyone’s mouth is different. To be effective, mouth guards, night guards, retainers and teeth whitening trays should be custom fit for your mouth. Blue Back Dental’s new digital scanning method of creating a mouth mold is fast, easy, and painless, and more accurate than traditional methods.

The patient will be asked to sit in the dentist chair. Some types of digital mouth scanning require that the teeth be sprayed with a special coating to ensure all parts of the impression are recorded properly, but the procedure used at Blue Back Dental does not require this step.

The digital scanner will then take images of your mouth to create a virtual replica that gives your dentist a clear and highly accurate impression of every hard and soft surface in your mouth. The images are then transferred to a computer and used to create your custom mouth or night guard. Blue Back Dental can even create a physical model of your mouth using our own 3D printer if one is required.

The process is totally safe and comfortable and only takes a few minutes.

Benefits for Digital Mouth Scanning Over Traditional Methods

Digital scanning has several benefits over the old way of taking impressions, including:

  • More accurate mouth images for better-fitting guards
  • Less time spent sitting in the dentist’s chair
  • No messy, bad-tasting impression materials
  • A more comfortable and pleasant experience
  • Less chance of errors in mold-making, which could result in a repeat procedure
  • The ability to store digital impressions for future use
  • Faster fabrication of mouth guards and other dental devices
  • A process that is better for the environment because it uses no disposable trays or materials

At Blue Back Dental, we are always looking for new ways to improve the products and services we offer, and to make dental procedures more relaxing and comfortable for our patients. Digital scanning is just one of the ways we are working to improve your experience. If you need a model for a mouth guard, night guard, retainer, or teeth whitening tray contact us today and experience the process for yourself!