Introducing the Intraoral Camera


Intraoral Camera

Did you notice something new during your last visit? We have a new toy at the office—a tiny, pen sized camera called an “intraoral camera” that lets the doctors peer inside your mouth and show you everything—live—on the operatory screen above your bed.

The intraoral camera lets us see up to 25x magnification in vivid detail, perfect for showing you the surface or your teeth and gums. This helps us spot things we cannot see with the naked eye—or even on an x-ray—including tooth defects, gum problems, hairline fractures, and more. We can show you exactly what we see—when we see it.

We want you to have a better understanding of your oral health when you leave your next appointment. The intraoral camera helps us do that and give you more informational appointments with your dentist. Want to learn more? Ask to see the intraoral camera during your next appointment!